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What Is Assault & How To Cope With It 

Getting Help

An assault victim’s first consideration may be getting medical treatment for any injuries. Following that, the victim may choose to report it to the police. Witnesses will be questioned by the police and evidence will be gathered. Victims will likely be required to sign a written statement about the incident.

If a suspect is arrested and charged, he or she may be released on certain conditions, such as not having any contact with the victim. If a victim is at risk or if there is a risk that the accused will not attend future court dates, the accused may be held in jail until a trial is held.

It is possible that the victim may be called to testify at trial, if the accused person is pleads not guilty. A prosecutor will question the victim regarding the assault. Questions can then be asked by the lawyer for the accused. This is called cross-examination. Prosecutors can help victims prepare for a trial so they know what to expect.

In contrast, if the accused pleads guilty, a trial is not necessary. When an accused pleads or is found guilty, the judge can request a pre-sentence report, which provides background information about the offender. In addition, the victim will be able to make a Victim Impact Statement. When determining what punishment to impose on the offender, the judge will take into account all of the information that has been provided, including the facts of the assault.

Civil Claim

In some cases, the victim may be able to sue the person(s) who assaulted them. It is a crime as well as a tort to assault someone. Torts are civil wrongs. Victims of civil suits may receive monetary awards. A lawyer specializes in helping victims decide whether or not to sue the offender(s).

Lawyers can be found through referrals or the yellow pages.

Contact Resources
  • Red Deer Victim Services Line: 403.406.2345
  • Safe Disclosure Line: 1-800-661-9675
    Protective Services Communication Centre: 1-888-999-3770
  • Family Violence Info Line
    Phone: 310-1818
  • Red Deer Helping Elder Abuse Reduction (H.E.A.R.) Resource Information Line:
    403-346-6076 or 1-877-454-2580
    for support, referrals and crisis intervention

Red Deer City Victim Services Unit is here to assist you by proving you support, information and community referrals.

If Police Assistance Is Required at an Assault Situation, Call 911 if It Is an Emergency.

If it is a non emergency call the police non emergency line:
Text: 403.343.5575

Additional Help for Victims

The victim may be able to request a peace bond if the assault was part of a series of harassing conduct by the offender. A peace bond is when an offender is not allowed to have any further contact with the victim through a court process.

After the peace bond has been in place, an offender who contacts the victim may be charged with a crime.

Restitution & Financial Benefits Eligibility

You may incur medical expenses, wage loss, counselling costs or damages to clothing and personal accessories, such as eyeglasses, as a result of an assault. The government may provide assistance for such expenses.

The victim can apply for restitution to the court if charges are brought against the offender. As a consequence of a criminal offense, regardless of charges, victims can apply for financial benefits if they have suffered physical or emotional injuries.

Furthermore, Victim Services provides a number of programs throughout the province that provide victims of crimes with information and assistance.

Contact the Red Deer City Victim Services office for more information.

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