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The injured victim of a crime can receive monetary compensation, based on the direct injuries caused by the crime.

Financial Benefits

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be eligible for a one-time financial benefit if you were injured directly in an Alberta violent crime.

You may be eligible for financial benefits if: 

The Criminal Injuries Review Board can conduct independent reviews of financial benefits decisions. This process can take about four months and all decisions will be presented in writing.

A Supplemental Financial Benefit is also given for victims who are quadriplegic or have a brain injury that’s left them unable to care for themselves and totally dependent on someone else for their care. The benefit amounts are set in the regulation.

Charges do not have to be laid. Victims of crime can get a monetary benefit to acknowledge victimization, based on the injuries directly suffered from the crime.

Alberta’s Victims of Crime Act created the Victims of Crime Fund and introduced the Financial Benefits Program in 1997. The fund is solely supported by the surcharges on provincial fines and surcharges imposed by the courts under the Criminal Code of Canada. This fund also supports other victim programs and services.

There are 3 types of benefits you can apply for:

  • Injury Benefit

    Injury benefit for victims who were physically and/or psychologically injured as a direct result of a crime.

  • Witness Benefit

    Witness benefit for victims who witnessed a crime that resulted in the death of a loved one.

  • Death Benefit

    Death benefit that reimburses funeral costs for victims that died as a result of violent crime.

Injury & Death Benefit Applications

You can find Financial Benefits Injury Applications and Death Benefit Applications forms online or they can be picked up from the Red Deer Victim Services Unit office, your local victims services office or your local police detachment. The Red Deer Victim Services Unit can assist you when filling out these forms. Submit completed forms by mail, fax or in person.  Applications submitted by e-mail will not be accepted. For more information, call the Financial Benefits Program at 780-427-7217 or visit the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General website.
Note: Injuries or Deaths resulting from impaired driving or other criminal driving charges are not covered by the Financial Benefits Program.  Victims in these circumstances may be eligible for the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program.

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