After a Suicide: A Practical Guide for Survivors

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This handbook was written to help you through the death by suicide of your loved one. It contains both practical and personal information, as well as a list of books, Different parts of this resource may be of help to you at different times. Immediately after a death by suicide, there are many practical matters that families will need to attend to and questions they might have about what to do. This resource starts with addressing these practical matters.
Grief associated with a death by suicide can be complicated, and is also very different to what people experience following death by other causes. Immediately after a suicide death, people are often in shock and unable to describe or explain their feelings or make meaning of what has happened. You may need time before you feel ready to examine what has happened, how it has affected you, what it all means, and what you need in order to begin healing.
Read the more personal information on suicide grief in this handbook when you are ready. Understanding and exploring your own thoughts and feelings might feel scary but it is an important and necessary part of healing. You and only you will know when you are ready. As you read this, you may not even be aware that the process of healing has already begun.

Remember, you are not alone.