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Cannabis edibles, cannabis topicals and cannabis concentrates will be legally produced for recreational use and sold to adults in Canada as of October 17, 2019. Only licensed cannabis producers will be able to develop these products for legal sale. These products will be available for purchase in stores and online. Chances are that your kids may have already heard about cannabis edibles, topicals and concentrates on the news, social media or from their friends or other adults.
Cannabis and a variety of cannabis products like edibles and oils have been around for decades, most of them homemade. It’s normal that young people may be curious about the legalization of these new cannabis products, and it’s important to keep in mind that curiosity doesn’t necessarily lead to experimentation.
Being informed about these cannabis products will help you understand exactly what they are, how they are consumed and the potential impact their use could have on youth.
As parents, you are one of the most powerful influences in your child’s life, and having thoughtful and well-informed conversations about cannabis with your pre-teen or teen can help them make informed and healthy choices.