Statement on Restitution

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Restitution is a court order that requires the offender to pay you for any out-of-pocket losses directly related to the crime. The judge is required to consider restitution. If it’s not ordered, the judge must explain why.

Restitution may apply for the following:

  • damage, destruction and loss of property bodily or psychological harm lost wages
  • services like a counsellor or psychologist
  • expenses incurred in moving out of the offender’s house, including costs for temporary housing, food, childcare and transportation
    losses incurred by unknowingly purchasing or lending money on stolen property
  • expenses incurred in re-establishing your identity, and correcting your credit history and credit rating, after identity theft
  • expenses to remove a personal image from the Internet or other digital network
    The accused and their lawyer will receive a copy of your Statement on Restitution.