Urban Bulldogs Against Kids Abuse (UBAKA)

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Mailing Address#104, 4919-49 Street
Red Deer AB T4N 1V1

U.B.A.K.A. (URBAN BULLDOGS AGAINST KIDS ABUSE) is a non-profit biker organization who advocates against child abuse. Attached to the principal of a fundamental rights of the abused child, it exists to provide help, comfort, safety, and support to children who have been sexually, physically, and psychologically abused as well as to sick children and their families. We wear and show support by organizing events (Concerts, Swap Meets and various other fundraisers, etc.) where revenues are transferred to the various organizations in common. The organization is also designed to promote activities and establish close relations between bikers, to give through manifestations, a positive image of motorcycle owners. It’s a friendly organization attached to share passion for the motorcycle enthusiast, develop mutual help between friends and participate in rides to encourage its members to participate in motorcycle events organized by the organization or with other motorcycle organizations in common.