Victims of Federal Offenders

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A Victim Service Unit that works for the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) is responsible for each Federal Institution in the country.

If an offender gets sentenced to 2 yrs or greater- the Victim can register with the VS Unit and then receive notifications on:

  • Important dates and information throughout the duration of an offenders sentence,
  • Information on different types of absences, transfers, and releases, Parole eligibility,
  • Information about the offender’s correctional plan and progress,
  • Information about the CSC’s victim-offender mediation services.

They can also assist the Victim in completing a Statement detailing how they have been affected and any concerns they may have that can be shared with CSC and Parole Board of Canada (PBC) for their consideration. This service is not just for Victims of the offence the offender is serving for.

To register for the Victim Portal of Correctional Services Canada, follow this link:

The following documents are to assist you in understanding the processes and procedures when dealing with Victims of Federal Offenders