Volunteer With Victim Services

RDCVSU Volunteer Advocates provide support to victims of crime and trauma. Volunteer roles include providing the following:

  • Primary Role – providing information and referrals via phone, mail, office visits and on-scene.
  • Emotional Support
  • Call-Out support with RCMP members (i.e. Sudden Death Notification)
  • Court Services – Court information and forms, court preparation and court accompaniment.
  • Documenting support activities.
  • Building information packages and resources for clients.

VSU referrals come from RCMP Members, clients, and community agencies.

Volunteers go through an extensive training program, and security clearance process. As an advocate there are many opportunities for on-going training, support and team building.

The work done by our volunteer Advocates makes a difference in the lives of individuals and families impacted by crime and/or tragedy.