About Victim Services

The Red Deer City Victim Services Unit (RDCVSU) was established in 1990. The unit is managed by the Victim Services Manager, who is a constable with the Red Deer City detachment of the RCMP.

The RDCVSU can help by providing support, information and referrals.

During and/or after a crisis Victim Services can help answer the questions

Support – We provide a listening ear, comfort and reassurance.

We will talk to you on the phone, visit you at the hospital and accompany you to court, if necessary. We can provide you with preparation for a court appearance, and ensure you have an opportunity to review your police statement prior to attending court.

Information – When you need information, we can be a direct resource, linking you to the justice system and to those handling your police file.

We can answer your questions about police procedures and the court system.

We can also provide resource materials and forms relevant to your needs and circumstances.

Referrals – We will provide you with information on local services and agencies.

We can help you decide which of these resources are the most appropriate to help you in your particular situation