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Dealing With Death as a Result of a Crime

When Death Is a Result of a Crime

In cases where death is because of a criminal act such as a homicide, Red Deer City Victim Services is here to assist secondary victims (family, friends and/or witnesses).

Survivors who lose a loved one to a crime face the full impact of a sudden death while also finding themselves thrust into the criminal justice system without any preparation. The criminal justice process can be confusing and unfamiliar, much like the grieving process. To assist you through this process, we have a team of professionals on hand.

When Death Is Not a Result of a Crime

For non-criminal cases, Victim Advocates may provide assistance as soon as the death is detected, all the way through the criminal justice process and even after the case has been adjudicated.


Red Deer City Victim Services Unit is here to assist you by proving you support, information and community referrals.

Sudden Death & the Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice process prolongs the grieving process for some survivors of a death involving a criminal offense. As cases proceed through investigation, hearings, trial, possible sentencing, contact with the defendant(s) and the criminal justice system, the victims may relive the trauma of death.

Similarly, Victim Advocates may help survivors after they are notified of the death, during the criminal justice process, or even after the matter has been concluded in court.

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