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What Is a Hate Crime?

A criminal offense motivated by hate, bias, or prejudice against a person or property is called a hate crime, and includes crimes motivated by racial, ethnic, religious, gender, linguistic, physical, mental, or age prejudice.

Hate Crime Examples:

The most common hate crimes are physical assaults, graffiti, vandalism, threatening phone calls, firebombings, and destruction of religious properties.

Hate incidents have a similar impact on the victim and the community as hate crimes do but there may not be grounds to proceed with criminal charges.  You may also be eligible for recourse under other laws, such as the Residential Tenancy Act, or workplace/school procedures and the Alberta Human Rights Commission.


Red Deer City Victim Services Unit is here to assist you by proving you support, information and community referrals.

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What Are Hate Incidents?

Not all incidents of hate are criminal in nature. Nevertheless, the impact on an individual or community is similar. Reporting these incidents to the police is important for a number of reasons.

Here are a few examples of hate incidents that are not criminal in nature:

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