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What Is Domestic Violence?

A domestic violence incident occurs when violence or abuse is perpetrated in an intimate relationship (marriage, common law, family, friendship, dating) or after such a relationship ends.

Family members who sponsor another family member to immigrate to Canada may also suffer domestic violence. In a relationship of this kind, domestic violence can play a very complex role.

No one has the right to be violent because they are in a relationship. Violent or abusive actions can occur at any time during the relationship or long after the relationship ends.


Signs of Violence or Abuse


Red Deer City Victim Services Unit offers an information package to domestic violence clients.

Please visit the Alberta Solicitor General Website for additional resources

Alberta’s Victims of Crime Act created the Victims of Crime Fund and introduced the Financial Benefits Program in 1997. The fund is sully supported by the surcharges on provincial fines and surcharges imposed by the courts under the Criminal Code of Canada. This fund also supports other victim programs and services.

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