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How To Cope With Sexual Assault 

What Is Sexual Assault?

Assault is the legal term in Canada for any unwanted sexual contact. Sexual assault can include forced or unwanted kissing, fondling, sexual intercourse, anal intercourse, and oral sex.

Sexual assault is a criminal offense. The Criminal Code of Canada states a sexual assault occurs when:

Consent gained by intimidation, pressure, coercion, force, or threats of force is not voluntary consent and therefore, could be considered a sexual assault.

The consent is also not granted if:

Effects of Sexual Assault?

An assault can leave a person physically, emotionally, and psychologically injured. Intimacy, trust, and vulnerability are all seriously affected after sexual assault. When one party has power or control over another, sexual violence can arise in any relationship.


Red Deer City Victim Services Unit is here to assist you by proving you support, information and community referrals.

24 Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line

Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Center

  • Text: 1.866.956.1099
  • Online Chat or
  • Toll Free Call: 866.956.1099 

Sexual Violence Helpline:

  • Toll Free Call or Text:
  • Local Phone: 403-356-1099
  • Webchat:

Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services
24 Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line:

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