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Bringing Knowledge & Awareness Regarding the Abuse of Older People

What Is Elder Abuse?

Abuse of an older person refers to any action or inaction that jeopardizes their health or well-being. The infliction of harm, or the failure to act, is particularly harmful when it comes from those with authority, trust, power, or responsibility.

Elder abuse doesn’t discriminate. The problem is present in all cultures and can be found in all social, religious, economic, and racial groups.

Learn the signs and what you need to know to help prevent elder abuse by watching the video below.

Visit AEAAN (Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network) to find resources in your area.
If You Suspect Someone Is Being Abused in a Care Facility Please Call:

Protection for Persons in Care Reporting Line: 1.888.357.9339 (Toll Free).

For 24 hour support and referral, call Family Violence Info Line 310-1818.

Center for Public Legal Education Alberta

The goal of the Center for Public Legal Education Alberta is to make the law easier to understand for Albertans.

Visit the Center for Public Legal Education Alberta for more information on elder abuse and the law

The It's Not Right Program

The It’s Not Right is a program designed to educate those who care for older adults about how to engage them and show them support in an appropriate way.

There is a strong focus on first recognizing the warning signs of elder abuse and then taking small, practical steps to help that are safe and respectful towards the elder.

Discover the value and the difference that you can make  in your community.

Services, Tools & Support

Office of the Public Guardian

Facilitates the decision making process for people who are incapable of making their own non-financial decisions.

Office of the Public Trustee

Manages and protects estates for vulnerable Albertans whose financial interests are at stake.

Protection for Persons in Care

If you suspect someone is being abused in a publicly funded care facility (i.e. Hospitals, lodges, nursing homes, mental health facilities, shelters, group homes, addiction centers etc). please refer to the Protection for Person in Care Act.

Senior Resource Card

Senior Needs
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