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What Is a Property Crime?

What Is a Property Crime?

There are many types of property crimes, including burglaries, larceny, theft, arson, shoplifting, and vandalism. In a property crime, property is taken, not forced or threatened.

If you are a victim of a property crime, you might:

Get Help!

It is not your fault if your property is stolen or damaged. No one has the right to take or destroy your belongings because of what you say or do.

Call the police and report the incident.  The individual(s) who are responsible may be held accountable, and you may get your property back.  There is no guarantee that the stolen items will be recovered or the perpetrator held accountable, but if you don’t tell anyone, you may not be able to get your possessions back.


If you are experiencing any of the reactions mentioned the Red Deer City Victim Services Unit may be able to assist you by proving you information and referrals to community organizations.

If you have been a victim of a break & enter please contact your local police detachment.

Red Deer City local complaint line 403.343.5575.

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