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Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal reviews appeals from the Court of Queen’s Bench, the Provincial Court, and administrative tribunals.

Court of Queen's Bench

The Court of Queen’s Bench is the province of Alberta’s superior trial court. The Court of Queen’s Bench provides services to the province in civil and criminal trials.

Provincial Court

Alberta’s Provincial Court hears most criminal and civil cases. Provincial Court is where most criminal cases begin, and it is where they are resolved in 95% of cases. Hearings for traffic, bylaw enforcement, and regulatory matters are held here. Provincial Court also hears many civil cases, such as cases related to landlord-tenant disputes and lawsuits with a value less than $50,000. Similarly, the Provincial Court handles most cases involving family law or child welfare.

Resolution and Court Administration Services

Administrative support is provided to all courts within the province by the Resolution and Court Administration Services. For instance:

  • Family Justice Services
    Alberta’s Family Justice Services (FJS) consists of a group of programs and services brought to you jointly by the Alberta government, justice department, and solicitor general. The Family Justice Services staff assists individuals in finding the right solutions for family law issues. Qualified parties can access programs either for free or at a nominal cost. There are Family Justice Services offices across the province
  • Family Law Information Services
    Family Justice Services offers Family Law Information Services at designated locations. There are two Family Law Information Services in Grande Prairie and Edmonton. The Family Justice Services staff provides support to the legal community, the general public (including self-represented litigants), and government entities/offices by offering the following services:

Family Law Information Services offers information on numerous topics relating to family law. Court forms and instructions are available for applications.

Please visit Alberta Courts website for more information on Court of Appeal, Court of Queen's Bench and Provincial Court.

Law Information Centres (LInC)

If you need information about civil or criminal matters, the Law Information Centre can help. You can talk to a Law Information Center co-ordinator who will help you understand Alberta’s court processes. You can access the Law Information Center in person, by phone or by e-mail.

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