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Victim Services

Our Victim Services Unit is police-based and works with the Red Deer City Detachment of the RCMP to provide support, information and referrals to residents of the City of Red Deer who are victims of a crisis, trauma or tragedy.

Victim(s) of Crime

Those who suffer from a crime can expect to be treated with respect, compassion, and courtesy. A team of trained, caring individuals work for Red Deer City Victim Services, providing assistance, information and support throughout the criminal justice process.

It is important to know there is help available to you after being involved in a violent crime or a traumatic event, since no one ever expects it to happen to them.

Calling the police is your first step after being victimized by a crime. In such a case, the police will investigate and refer you to the appropriate victim services support unit in your area. 


Red Deer City Victim Services Unit is here to assist you by proving you support, information and community referrals.

If You Are in a Violence Emergency, Call 911 or Your Local Police Service

RCMP Red Deer Complaint Line
Call: 403.343.5575

Canadian resource center for victims of crime

The Canadian Resource Center for Victims of Crime advocates for victims and survivors of serious crime in Canada.

You can visit the Canadian Resource Center for Victims of Crime for more information.


Provincial & Federal Agencies

office of the federal ombudsman for victims of crime

If a victim would like additional information about their rights under Federal law or the services available to them or wish to file a complaint about any direct or indirect federal program which addresses victims of crime, they may contact the Federal Ombudsman for the Victims of Crime Office. As well as direct contact with victims, the office educates policy makers and other criminal justice personnel about victims’ rights. The organization identifies trends and issues that may adversely affect victims.

For more information visit the Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime.


At the Department of Justice Canada, the Policy Center for Victim Issues works to give victims a voice in the criminal justice system. By explaining the laws, services, and assistance available to victims and their families, they assist victims in understanding their role in criminal justice. During the development of relevant federal laws and policies, the perspectives of victims will be considered. In addition, it is to raise awareness of the needs of crime victims both within Canada and internationally and to identify effective methods to meet those needs.

For more information visit the Department of Justice.

Victim of Crime Protocol

Please visit the Victim of Crime Protocol page to find out what you can expect from the criminal justice system.

The Victim of Crimes Protocol outlines the following:

  1. From the moment a crime is reported, through the investigation and court proceedings, what a victim can expect during the criminal justice process.
  2. The Provincial and Federal Corrections and the National Board can provide victims with what they can expect after the accused is found guilty.
  3.  During the criminal justice process, the protocol also outlines what is expected of the victim.

Red Deer City Victim Services Unit

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