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Victims of Theft

Property and possessions of individuals often serve as extensions of themselves, so victims of theft sometimes feel violated on a personal level.  Privacy, security, and trust may be violated, and they may feel shocked and disbelieving at what happened.

The following is a list of documents and what to do if they have been stolen:

  • Bank Cards

    Phone your bank immediately. Banks phone numbers are listed online or in the yellow pages.

  • Cheques

    Notify your bank immediately.

  • Credit Cards

    A credit card cancellation requires your date of birth, address, and account password. Get in touch with the financial institution that issued the card. You can cancel store and gas/oil company cards by contacting the store or dealer directly. The account number and cancellation number can be found on a previous bill.

  • Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan

    Call 310-0000 and ask for 780-427-1432.

  • Alberta Blue Cross

    Call 1-800-661-6995.

  • Driver’s License

    Visit the nearest office that handles Motor Vehicle Registration. In order to cancel your previous number, tell them that your license has been stolen. Get a new driver's license. A valid passport or Provincial Identification Card will be required for identification.

  • Birth Certificate

    To obtain a new birth certificate, you must fill out an application at an office that handles vital statistics registration.

  • Social Insurance Number

    Call 1-800-622-6232 and ask for Social Insurance Information.

  • Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security

    Call 1-800-277-9914.

Victims who are quadriplegic or have a severe brain injury, such as those who are totally dependent on another person for their care, are also entitled to Supplemental Financial Benefits. The benefit amounts are set in the regulation.


*Please note that some companies and government agencies charge a replacement fee for new cards *

If You Have Had Vital Documents or Cards Stolen Report the Loss as Soon as Possible.​
If you have been a victim of a theft please contact your local police detachment complaint line 403.343.5575.

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