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Stress Management

You may experience critical incident stress if you have been involved in a traumatic critical incident.You might experience a number of physical and psychological symptoms as a result. Critical incident stress is simply the body’s normal reaction to an abnormal event. The Critical Incident Stress Management is a program designed to mitigate the impact of a traumatic event and assist persons in recovery.

The first step in preventing high stress situations is to educate and train employees and volunteers.

The second step of the program offers support, assistance, and follow-up to individuals and groups from all sectors who have experienced critical incidents.


Red Deer City Victim Services Unit Volunteer Advocates are not counselors but are there to assist in partnership with other agencies in conducting a defusing and/or debriefing(s).

Support, assistance, and follow-up services are available to individuals and groups affected by traumatic events. This assistance is for victims and their families based on an assessment of the situation, observed needs and/or requests made.

For assistance from volunteers and/or staff with Critical Incident Stress Management training, please contact Red Deer City Victim Services Unit by clicking here.

Red Deer City Victim Services Unit

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