Services to Victims of Crime and Tragedy

Victim Contact
RDCVSU will initiate contact with a victim(s) under one or more of four conditions:

  1. Crisis Call Out – Police request RDCVSU attend scene.
  2. Self-Referral – Victim calls or attends the RDCVSU office.
  3. Consent – Police Officer offered RDCVSU Services and a Victim verbally consents to being contacted.
  4. Proactive Referral – Police Officer makes a Proactive Referral to RDCVSU and requests RDCVSU contact Victim and offer support, community referrals and/or court information (if charges – First Appearance and/or Trial Date).

If the victim declines further assistance or follow-up contact, their RDCVSU file is concluded. All RDCVSU contact with victims is documented.

Domestic Violence Follow-up

Red Deer City Victim Service Unit (RDCVSU) Advocates contact domestic violence victims to offer support, information and appropriate community referrals. For the Advocates safety, home visits are not conducted and the victim is encouraged to attend the office.

Personal Support

Support is provided through crisis call-outs, office visits, telephone contact and court accompaniment.

Advocates normally make initial contact with the victim by telephone, offering assistance, comfort and support, and referrals to other agencies where appropriate.

Information packages containing community resource information; applicable government forms: Victim Impact Statements, Restitution and/or Financial Benefits (injuries) – as applicable; and prevention information are offered.

Community Referrals

Victims are given information on appropriate community and government agencies for additional or long-term support and assistance.

Some of the community agencies include: Central Alberta Sexual Assault Centre; Central Alberta Women’s Outreach; Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter; Alberta Mental Health; Canadian Mental Health; and Social Services.

RDCVSU does not provide your information to these agencies. It is a victim’s choice whether or not to contact these agencies and access their services.